Crystal Quartz


Clear quartz crystals have an incredibly long history of use in all sorts of fields. Clear Quartz, pure silicon dioxide, is also called Rock Crystal or Ice Crystal, from the Greek word “krystallos”, meaning “ice”, because crystal was believed to be water frozen so hard it could never thaw. They are one of the most famous crystals in the world, and have been significant to cultures on every continent, as well as being the base for many other crystals, including extremely precious ones like amethyst.
Quartz crystals are unique and very identifiable with their pointed and often uneven terminations. Aadesh Mines And Minerals Provide Crystal Quartz which has wide range of use in two main forms of applications, namely as the resonant element in oscillators, and they are also used in filters. In both applications the very high Q of the resonator enables very high performance levels to be achieved.

Product Application

Accurate time-keeping instruments

Radio & television signals


Electronic games


Electronic Meters



Scientific Instruments

GPS equipment